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Sun Pacific Mortgage is a family owned and operated company that was established in Sonoma County in January 1988. We offer alternative financing options for real estate transactions throughout Sonoma County and the rest of  California.  We are located centrally in Santa Rosa, but for most loans it is not necessary to come to our office.  We are structured to accomplish lending and borrowing digitally.

We take pride in working closely with individual Home Buyers and Borrowers in Sonoma County, as well as other Lenders, Brokers and Real Estate Agents who do not always have the programs they need to satisfy their clients’ needs.

Our programs, also known as Private Money or Hard Money, are  mortgages funded by individuals acting as Private Investors.  These investors make loans to individuals who have equity in a property they presently own or for real estate they desire to purchase.  

Instead of getting a mortgage from the bank or other lending institution, which have pretty stringent qualifications to meet, Borrowers can get a hard money loan from one of these Private Investors.   This type of loan requires far fewer qualifications and can be funded much sooner than a conventional loan!

We have helped many Sonoma Realtors get their clients into homes, whether it be through a bridge loan or a first mortgage.  We lend regardless of whether it is land, commercial or residential.   

If you have ever been turned down by the bank or other traditional Lender in Sonoma County, contact us, we have been able to get the job done for our clients for almost 30 years.

We look forward to being able to help you or someone you know!

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Best, The Sun Pacific Mortgage Family Team

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